Sunday, August 07, 2005

Singapore fireworks festival

I was quite high yesterday night.
First, I went to Little India to take pictures with Sufang. That place is not as 'Indian' as I thought.
Nevertheless, i managed to take a lot of photos =) very tired though.
Then we went over to Marina City Park to prepare for the night: Singapore Fireworks Festival!
It was a really a big guessing game for all the photographers and photography enthusiasts. Nobody knew the exact spot where the fireworks will be shot!? Lots of photographers went to the marina promenade, some on sheares bridge and some at the park. Sufang and I wondered for a while at the park. We saw a boat with 2 army guys patrolling the waters, and slowly, the other ships and boats disappear. We decided to stay at that spot. Not many people were there, or rather, not many photographers were there. And we waited....when the first shot was fired, I was so stunned and happy! Coz the entire display was right in front of us!!! Can u believe how lucky we were??!! It's like having the best seats u can get in the theatre. The fireworks put up by the portugal team were spectacular! I hadn't had much time to process the pictures. Some were unfortunately slightly tilted =( So, before I have time to process them, here's a simple one.
Anyway, I thoroughly enjoyed myself. We also took the boat ride back to clifford pier and took more night shots. I just need TIME to choose the better ones. And now, back to work (damn..).


Anonymous alexandra said...

Wonderful shot! Better than anything that I manage the other week, while at the Falls here in QC to watch, would you believe, China, at the Quebec Competition.

Monday, August 08, 2005 11:18:00 PM  

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