Saturday, June 04, 2005


I went to the Bird Park today. It was a very hot day and I perspired like crazy. However, it was very enjoyable too. Today was special. While I was waiting for the bus to the Bird Park, two tourists approached me regarding the bus fare. They didn't have coins. Their smallest note was $5. But u needn't spend more than $2 actually and I told them it would be a waste of money to use the 5 dollar note. So I got small changes for them and we started chatting while waiting for the bus. One looks asian but he has an American accent. He said he was born in Penang, Malaysia, and came to Singapore to study. It was many years ago. He's now a fatherly figure. Very nice guy. The other was a young caucasian girl. She said she studied in Manhattan, New York. She complained that the subway there was horrible and was amazed to see ours so clean. haha... well, this is Singapore. Everything is so in order. They are really nice people. And to my surprise, he even bought me the entrance ticket and a panorail ride! We didn't even know each other's names... He said he wanted to thank me for helping them. Well, I didn't expect them to return any favours. It was really nice and generous of them. =)
As for this photo, I chose this to start off my Bird Park series because it was very difficult and dangerous to take it. I was very close to the ostrich. You know, they do bite! I waited for it to come close to me and I took several shots before I got this sharp and clear. Many were rather blur because it keeps moving. Otherwise, they were too far away.


Blogger usa said...

i like this picture. you captured the details of the ostrich real well!

Thursday, August 25, 2005 5:10:00 AM  

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